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"I am very happy with the Yoga class.   I have never done Yoga before and was very apprehensive of attending, however, I needn’t have worried as Rebecca was very reassuring and patient. I am well in my seventies, and suffer from osteoporosis, so I needed to find a class to keep me moving. It has been ideal, and I come home feeling energised after the lesson. I have more movement in my body and I am really happy with what I have achieved.  Rebecca is an extremely good and confident teacher."

Linda S

"If there was an out of 5 star rating for my yoga class with Rebecca James in Medstead I would give a 10. Rebecca’s class is amazing! I’ve never done yoga before and I can’t imagine there could be a better qualified or more experienced practitioner. It’s the first ‘keep fit’ class I’ve ever genuinely looked forward to week in week out in my life and I did many sports when I was younger. It has noticeably improved my physical and mental fitness. I was very sceptical about yoga when I first started, now I recommend it to everyone"


“Rebecca is great…really knowledgeable and thoroughly explains what she’s doing, how to do it and why… I enjoy the class and in general I come out of the class and feel like I’ve had a ‘mini holiday’… I leave the class feeling calmer, more relaxed and refreshed”


“It was a great walk with very knowledgeable presentations, and the photos are a super reminder.  Thank you all.  I will definitely be going back.”

Maureen V

“The standard of tuition was excellent and the passion of Mike Gilbert so completely drew us in.
Being relatively new to this area (two years) and being semi retired with a limited amount of free time on our hands, for the first time in our lives!!!, to be given this opportunity to do something healthy, outdoors and active was beyond our hopes and expectations.  
Thus we got physical and mental stimulation and we are now both joining the Langstone Cutters rowing club, as are several of those on the course with us.”

Annette B

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